🔴 Dear applicants and their parents!

The ISFT Institute is pleased to inform you that the distribution of contract agreements for the 2022-2023 academic year has begun to applicants who have successfully passed the internal examination and met our requirements based on the results of the DTM.

❗️After the payment of the contract, you should submit the following documents to the archive of the Institute:

▪️ Passport copy (with the original indicated);
▪️ Original copy of diploma or certificate (with an attachment);
▪️ Original language certificate (if any);
▪️The original of some preferential documents, i.e.: persons included in the iron register, persons included in the women's register, disability certificate, persons included in the youth register.
▪️ For boys - a copy of military ID or (pripisnoy) for those who have not joined the army
▪️A copy of the receipt (the original must be next to it)
▪️ Form 086
▪️ Contract copy (13 pages)
▪️ 16 pieces of 3.5x4.5 photos;
▪️ Document folder (folder for paper);
▪️ Envelope in A5 format;

Address: University Street 2, Kibrai District, Tashkent Region
Landmark: Agrarian University

For reference:
+998 55 506 -17-17
📩Telegram: @isft1717