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Founded in 2016, «International School of Finance Technology and Science» LLC is one of the advanced, innovative and promising educational institutions in Uzbekistan. Since 2021 «International School of Finance Technology and Science» LLC has been operating under a license issued by the State Inspectorate for Educational Quality Supervision under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan as a higher education institution under the brand name "ISFT Institute".

ISFT Institute utilizes modern teaching practices, integrating the flexibility of the Western education system. One of our main features is adapting internationally-approved principles of effective teaching to the level of education and mentality of the people of Uzbekistan, rather than using these principles directly.


Key subjects in the curriculum reflects national and global studies priorities. Students at ISFT, studied in modern lecture halls, libraries and computer rooms with access to a large database of electronic resources, enjoys a highly cooperative work environment. ISFT is committed to producing highly qualified graduates who are recognized not only in Uzbekistan, but worldwide, for their knowledge, abilities, skills, creativity and breadth of vision. Our students are exposed to an effective learning environment where teachers provide up-to-date information that is relevant and practical to their chosen field


By integrating global expertise in education, ISFT is committed to international training. Our students have the opportunity to study under the supervision of leading experts. Also, being in research communities, they learn effective research methods from the very beginning of the curriculum. Students develop problem-solving skills and the ability to improve their knowledge, which are invaluable for further study and employment.


The ISFT Institute is committed to the efficacy of providing all students with small group, special work teams, led by experienced faculty and academics. This method fosters student creativity and initiative and maximizes the benefits of learning in a research-intensive learning environment.


  • - Exhaustive comprehensive knowledge in their field
  • - Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • - Business literacy and communication skills
  • - Leadership, cooperation and development skills
  • - Ethical competence and international tolerance
  • - Dedication, emotional restraint and stress tolerance

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