Bachelor's Degree in Economics

Course description 

Economics is the field of study of the sphere of production, distribution and trade, as well as the consumption of goods and services. In general, it is defined as a social sphere that emphasizes practices, speeches and material expressions related to the production, use and management of scarce resources.


Purpose of the program
Knowledge of the current issues of civil society, development of promising and current plans for economic-financial and production activities of the economic entity, development of promising and current plans for the economic-financial and production activities of the economic entities of the economic activity of the economic entities of the country and foreign experience in the rational organization of economic activities, the development offirst knowledge of the technological foundations, the use of information and communication tools in conducting the analysis of technical and economic calculations and economic activities of economic entities.

Educational orientation competencies

Competencies of the educational direction are able to know the current issue of state policy, independently analyze socio-economic problems and processes, develop logical thinking, draw correct conclusions, form a mathematical culture, independently acquire new knowledge, work in its own way and organize labor activity on a scientific basis, search for regulatory documents, analyze and have the skills to use them in, to develop an organization strategy aimed at ensuring competitiveness, and to have implementation skills, to acquire the macroeconomic environment, the market and the risks inherent in it, the competitive environment, and the skills of evaluation.

Types of Sessions:

Speaker, Kichik of the darslara group, Jamoa loyakhalari, Lecuv seminarlari, Case seminarlari, practical exercises.

Study Period:

October-June (traditional reception)

Tuition fee (per year):


• 17,000,000 sum (tuition fee-scholarship) - 50 PBK (basic estimated amount)

• 11,220,000 sum (amount of training) - 33 PBK (basic estimated amount)

Employment opportunities:

- Management;

- Marketing;

- Finance;

- Banking;

- Insurance case;

- Taxation and taxation;

- Accounting and audit;

- Pension Work, etc.